Waze overhauls navigation app with 3.5 release

Crowdsourced mapping and navigation application Waze has gotten a rather significant overhaul today with the release of v3.5 of its Android app.Available immediately in the Google Play store, the free app is bolstered by a number of new features. Details include seeing real-time ETA’s, parking locations of friends, sharing live locations and routes, and much more.

  • Driving to a restaurant with friends: See everyone on the way, with their real-time ETAs. When you arrive, you’ll see where friends have parked, and know who’s still on the way
  • Picking up your spouse: No more painstakingly explaining where they are. Send a Waze pick up request to instantly grab their location and navigate directly to them. They’ll get a live map of your route and ETA, and watch as you approach — even if they don’t have Waze.
  • Let the kids know you’ll be home for dinner: The days of “Mom, when are you coming home?” are over. Share your drive by sending a URL to a live map of your location and route, and let them see exactly where you are and when you’ll be there.

If you’re looking for an alternative to Google Maps or just want to try out something new, we definitely recommend Waze.  It has grown tremendously over the last few years and has only improved with each release.

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Waze overhauls navigation app with 3.5 release

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