Satechi Headrest Mount for tablets review

Have you picked up an Android tablet yet?  Okay, maybe you’re more of a NOOK HD or Kindle Fire HD kinda guy.  Hey, that’s cool too!  Whatever the case, statistics show that consumers are buying something for around the home or office.  We’ve got something that works for all of you.

If you’re like us, you take your tablet with you nearly every where you go, especially on longer car rides.  On those times when our family is with us and we’re behind the wheel, the tablet becomes a game console or e-reader.  And, now that Google Play lets us rent TV shows and movies, our Nexus 7 has become a preferred way of catching up on favorite films.  That’s where the Satechi Headrest Mount comes in very handy

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Satechi Headrest Mount for tablets review

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