Evernote announces major update to Skitch app

Evernote today announced a “major update” for its Skitch application for Android.  Details include a new, cleaner homescreen, cross-platform sync, improved search and more.  Seeing as how it’s a photo and sketch app at its heart, the new release features some great image-centric options.  Look for additional goodies such as:

  • Pixelate - obscure part of an image to protect private or sensitive information
  • Highlighter - partially transparent paintbrush tool to draw attention to an object or text in the image
  • Planning tool - select, move, resize annotations

EDITOR NOTE: It’s worth pointing out that this bit of news was scheduled to go live at 1PM EST with an embargo.  For whatever reason, the app does not show as updated yet nor does the Evernote blog have its live link.

UPDATE: It’s a go!

Download Skitch for Android (Google Play)

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Evernote announces major update to Skitch app

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