HeroCraft debuts its steampunk, fantasy puzzler The Tiny Bang Story

Some of you might have heard this, but HeroCraft recently released its popular PC and Mac game, The Tiny Bang Story, on Android. As a gorgeous blend of steampunk and fantasy, the game offers players over 30 brain teasers and requires that they solve riddles and puzzles.  Why?  Because that is how you are going to get this Utopian world back in order, duh.  If you grew up reading Highlights magazine and often found yourself jumping straight to the hidden pictures page, then this is the game for you.


Download The tiny Bang Story ($2.99) from Google Play


September 6th 2012, Kaliningrad, Russia – HeroCraft releases the beautiful and
serene hidden object game The Tiny Bang Story on Android devices, licensed by
developer Colibri Games.

HeroCraft are delighted to announce that the smash hit PC and Mac game The Tiny Bang
Story, which reached the Top 10 on casual gaming giants BigFish and Gamehouse, is
making its way to Android devices.

A tiny planet was hit by a meteor, and now exists only as small puzzle pieces scattered
throughout the universe. It’s down to the player to solve a number of riddles and get this
utopian world back up and running. There’s plenty of unusual puzzle elements in addition
to simple object hunting gameplay, all set across 5 distinct chapters.

To restore Tiny Planet to its former glory, the player must use their observational and
deductive powers to their maximum. Over 30 exciting brain teasers will keep players
guessing for plenty of game hours. With its stunning hand drawn backdrops, lack of time
pressure and lush soundtrack the Tiny Bang Story is a wonderfully serene experience.

HeroCraft debuts its steampunk, fantasy puzzler The Tiny Bang Story was written by the way cool dudes at AndroidGuys. Follow at Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube!

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HeroCraft debuts its steampunk, fantasy puzzler The Tiny Bang Story

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