Beats Audio building a smartphone, a TV and a music service?

HTC and Beats Audio got in a relationship last year when the Taiwanese giant officially announced the HTC Sensation XE with Beats Audio written all over it, and without any doubt, it’s an impressive device. Word was on the street that HTC and Beats Audio might split up, but then HTC came out and cleared the air by saying that everything is cool.

Now according to our friends over at BGR, they are reporting that Beats Audio is planning to launch a phone with its very own branding, and it will be manufactured by HTC. And that’s not it, they are also coming out with a TV, and a music service to compete with iTunes and Google Music.

The smartphone will run on Android OS with custom Beats Audio UI, and this device will be completely different from current HTC devices with Beats Audio integration, because it will be a “pure” Beats Audio phone, featuring all the media features.

But in the end, the question is, is it worth it? Beats Audio got a good hold on headphones/earbuds section, but jumping into smartphones is probably not their cup of tea. Also, as we are familiar with Dr.Dre’s stuff; it’s never cheap so I am sure the phone will cost an arm or a leg.

Anyway, tell us what do you think about this, it’s still a rumor and not something to put your money on, but if it’s real, would you buy a Beats smartphone? Tell us about it in the comment box below.

Source: BGR

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Beats Audio building a smartphone, a TV and a music service?

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