NVIDIA details the KAI platform

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NVIDIA has taken to their blog to shed a bit of added light to the subject of the KAI platform.  Following the chatter that recently landed online, the chipmaker wanted to clear up a few details as it pertains to “the mobile unicorn” that is a low-cost premium tablet experience.

As the company reminds us, there is no particular tablet that fans and enthusiasts should be looking for.  The rumors of a singular $199 device is not entirely accurate and we should not anticipate anything specific.

So what is KAI?  NVIDIA equates to a recipe that tablet makers use to bake up all sorts of wonderful meals.  Whereas they indicate the KAI reference design is a 7-inch standard resolution display, it can be configured to work with a host of screen sizes and resolutions.  The bottom line is this – NVIDIA is providing a blueprint by why hardware makers in the Android space should reference.  And while there are a few corners that need to be cut in the name of cost, the base architecture is present.


NVIDIA details the KAI platform originally appeared on AndroidGuys.

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NVIDIA details the KAI platform

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