HTC will not update tablet line to Android 4.0

Here’s a bit of a bummer for those of you who picked up an HTC EVO View 4G (Sprint) or HTC Jetstream (AT&T)  tablet over the last few months.  These two, along with the HTC Flyer, will not be seeing an official Android 4.0 update from the manufacturer.  Considering we’ve not run into more than a couple folks who actually own one of these three we suspect that this doesn’t affect too many of you.  Nevertheless, you’ll have to go with some rooting and modding if you want to load Ice Cream Sandwich on your device.

Although HTC won’t bring Android 4.0 to the trio, it’s not to say they won’t keep supporting them with updates.  Should you have one of these tablets, you’ll find your Honeycomb experience may get better with time.

Upgrades are not the same thing as ongoing support. Devices not being upgraded to Android 4.0 will still get software improvements, security fixes, and technical support as needed. – HTC

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HTC will not update tablet line to Android 4.0

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