Future Google+ experience may include ‘Events’, ‘Local’ features

A pair of potential future features for Google+ have been found hiding in the code for the brand new Android application.  According to a source close to The Verge, the 2.6 Android app had references to Events and Local features nestled right next to Photos, Circles and the other Google+ stuff you’re familiar with.  After digging through the code, The Verge was able to confirm the mentions.

As to what these two new options might actually do remains to be seen, however it’s pretty easy to conjure up a few ideas.  We’re curious to see what the differences might be between Nearby and Local, if any.

Considering these features just arrived in the new build, we might expect some noise around these components before long.



Future Google+ experience may include ‘Events’, ‘Local’ features originally appeared on AndroidGuys.

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Future Google+ experience may include ‘Events’, ‘Local’ features

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