Flygrip: The one-handed accessory you never knew you needed [review]

Have a big phone? A big tablet? Little hands? Slippery hands? Here’s what it comes down to: if you can answer yes to any of these, then you need a Flygrip. What’s a Flygrip, you ask? Here’s a video to give you an idea. Basically, it’s a small accessory that goes on the back of your device and uses your middle and ring finger as a stabilizer and your index finger as a counterweight, so you can use your device one-handed.

With my Galaxy SII’s massive screen, I was constantly having to do some major hand acrobatics to use my phone one-handed, if I could ever even do it at all. Enter the Flygrip. This device has not only made it so that I can use the device with one hand, but it allows me to simply keep a better grip on it, even when I’m using it with two hands. And one-handed swyping? This thing makes it a breeze.

Need more? How about this: the Flygrip also gives you a built in kickstand. Simply take the back piece, insert it into the built-in slot, and you’re watching movies hands free.

The package comes with the Flygrip itself, padding for the finger slats for smaller hands, extra adhesive, an alcohol swab for cleaning, paperwork, and – I’ll admit it – a REALLY cool box.

If you struggle with using your device (phone or tablet) with one hand, then you need to check this out. Be sure to hit up their website here and get you one. They run about $30 each.

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Flygrip: The one-handed accessory you never knew you needed [review]

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