Amazon Appstore updated, allows for app test driving

Amazon has pushed out a new update for their Android Appstore application which adds a pretty handy feature.  Available in version 2.6.53 is the Test Drive option which allows users to instantly try applications and games without downloading them first.  This is the same stuff that some of you have have found on the web/PC version of the Amazon Appstore. Initially a beta feature, this is only offered in a select number of Android devices and for a limited collection of apps.  Additional features for the new release include a bug fix for 3G/4G downloads and stability enhancements.

If you have not had a chance to download the Amazon Appstore for your Android device, we definitely encourage you to do so.  Not only do you get free access to one paid application each day, it’s also a great place for key developers to debut new titles.

Amazon Appstore updated, allows for app test driving originally appeared on AndroidGuys.

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Amazon Appstore updated, allows for app test driving

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