HTC drops kernel source for 8 devices, now what are the devs gonna Do?


HTC is making every effort possible to keep not only standard Android users happy, but also the dev community. Not to mention being one of the only companies even close to being in compliance with the open GPL. They recently just dropped source for 8 devices and all their international counter parts. That is pretty huge. It really translates into 18 actual source codes. Take a look at the full list below -

  • Desire S (Europe, HTC Asia India, HTC TUR, Bouygues FR, HTC Arabic)
  • Flyer (HTC WWE Honeycomb update)
  • Explorer (HTC Asia HK CHT, HTC Asia WWE, HTC Asia SEA WWE, Orange UK)
  • Sensation (T-Mobile US)
  • Incredible S (HTC WWE, HTC TUR, BrightStar SPA)
  • Droid Incredible (Verizon WWE)
  • Vivid 4G (ATT WWE)
  • Salsa (HTC Europe)
  • Desire (Gingerbread update)

Now what? Well, I am sure our illustrious devs are headed in to pull some kernel and start seeing what they can use. We might see some new development for many of these devices in the very near future. Pop on over to HTCDev to pick up the ones you are after.

Source: HTCDev via XDA

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HTC drops kernel source for 8 devices, now what are the devs gonna Do?

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